Motorcycle safety tips to remember while cruising around

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ABERDEEN, S.D. As more and more motorcycles hit the road this time of year, it's important to stay safe. The Sturgis Rally is just weeks away, so roads around the state will be filled with motorcyclists from all over the nation. While people driving around in cars need to stay alert, bikers should also pay attention during the heavy traffic.

Blue skies plus sunshine is the perfect combination for motorcyclists looking to hit the road, whether they're first timers or veteran riders. Many motorcyclist enthusiasts are enjoying seeing more young people come into the sport, but also seeing those long-term riders stay sharp.

Safety is a major concern even though South Dakota has a pretty relaxed helmet law, but it's still an item riders should invest in.

"There's a number of standards, safety standards, that the helmets are approved with," explains Morgan Beving, Aberdeen Sport Recreation Owner. "It's a very important part of your equipment."

There's plenty of other clothing pieces like eye-wear, full-fingered gloves, a long sleeved shirt or coat, long pants and sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear.

It may be a relaxing, Sunday afternoon activity for most people, but there are some things to think about while cruising around.

Checking the road services to make sure there's no gravel, sand or slippery surfaces; watching for other vehicles encroaching on your path of travel; and looking out for children or other distractions are some safety tips to remember while cruising around. Being aware of your surroundings is the most important action to make sure you get to your destination safely.

Safety courses are the best ways to make sure you're being an ideal motorist on the road.

"There's a lot of things we go through in the class that people don't think about or don't realize. People could learn a lot of stuff by taking the class," says Bruce Henderson, a motorcycle safety instructor.

These safety classes are going on every day all over the state until October, so make sure to sign up for one to stay knowledgeable on the road.

If you want more information on the courses or to register for one, follow the link to the right of this article.