Myers' Deli & More creates comfortable environment with unique twists on traditional sandwiches

DOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Myers' Deli & More has two locations in Downtown Sioux Falls. One is in the Carpenter Building on Phillips Avenue, and the other is in the CNA Building near the 8th & Railroad Center. Dan Myers started Myers' Deli & More in March. The location near the 8th & Railroad Center opened in July.

Myers started just as a catering business but needed a bigger space to produce more food. So he looked at what he could do with the space on Phillips Avenue to include catering and serving. He came up with a deli and offers an experience of something similar to what you would experience in New York City. He wanted to serve thick, large sandwiches. The meat is Boar's Head and many of the ingredients are homemade, like the bacon kraut and the house mustard. There are also specialty hot dogs and brats served.

The menu is the same at both locations, but the location near the 8th & Railroad Center offers more baked goods. Both locations have a salad bar and a variety of soups. There is also a coffee bar at both locations with beer and wine served at the one on Phillips Avenue. The location on Phillips Avenue also offers brunch on Sundays for $14.95, which includes all you can eat. That runs from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM.