NSU Students stuck on campus during storm

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The snow in Aberdeen is continuing to melt, many of the main roads are already clear and people are back on the road.

"There's a lot of anticipation because nobody really knew if it was going to be two inches or 20 inches and we got near the top of that estimate," said Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen.

The amount of snow that hit our state left many people stuck inside.

"For the most part unless people really had to be out, people really didn't have a choice because they couldn't get out," said Mayor Levsen.

Many of those people were students living in dorms. Some took time to relax, others used it to get ahead.

"I just studied for a while, I finished up some of my compositions that I had to do," said Sara Krebsbach, an NSU Student.

"We just kind of stayed inside, we played a bunch of video games, that sort of thing," said NSU Student Steven Meyer.

Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen thinks these types of storms are actually a good thing sometimes.

"One of the good things in life is an anticipation and a hope that things are going to get better," said Levsen.

He has seen many smiling faces today now that the storm is pretty much over.

"If you live somewhere where it's nice weather everyday, those people don't have that, we have that here," said Mayor Levsen.

That doesn't mean he isn't excited for the start of Spring weather, just like most people.

"Now we can start over a little bit, wait for this to thaw and we'll be into Spring very quickly," said Mayor Levsen

Crews will continue to monitor the residential areas to see what neighborhoods need to be plowed.