Nationwide boxing program to fight Parkinson's Disease comes to Sioux Falls

It's an empowering program to battle Parkinson's Disease called Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) and it's new to South Dakota.

The program features unique exercises that are used by boxing professionals for people living with the disease. In the Mount Rushmore state, that's 3,000 people. Housed at the Inn on Westport, the program focuses on movements of boxing to help with coordination, strength and balance for all ages and abilities.

"Parkinson's is a neurological disease, it's progressive with no cure. All research studies show intense force exercises help keep symptoms at bay. That's what we'll be doing at our gym with these patients," Director Lisa Howard said.

This marks RSB's first affiliate program in the state. For more information or to sign up for classes, call the Inn on Westport at (605) 362-1210.