Negative impact of global helium shortage

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The current global helium shortage has a negative effect on various industries, and it's nothing new.

"There was a year that we ran out of helium completely, and we were not notified in advance that there was a shortage going on," said Marian Osborn, Owner of Party Central in Aberdeen.

One group that is affected are party supply stores, Party Central is the only party supplier in Aberdeen.

"Normally we just run one tank at a time," Osborn said.

But after completely running out of helium once before they've learned their lesson.

One thing the Owner of Party Central does to prepare for a situation like this is order their helium ahead of time.

"In February we start looking into seeing if there's going to be an upcoming shortage, if so we require that extra tank to be on hand at all times," said Osborn.

Even though they did their research this year, they still weren't prepared for a shortage.

"It wasn't bad this year as far as we understood going into it, a couple weeks ago we called for another tank of helium and he said it's not a shortage, but it's just not in Aberdeen yet," said Osborn.

Osborn is getting out of the business at the end of this month, but she has some advice for the people who take over her business.

"The biggest thing is to make sure if they think there's going to be a shortage, we get an extra tank on hand," said Osborn.

Helium is used in many other industries as well, such as electronics and medical equipment.