Nevada motorcyclist makes his way to the only town that shares his surname

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MILBANK, S.D. A man from Reno, NV made his way up to Milbank, SD on his motorcycle for the road trip of a lifetime. Ron Milbank believes the destination is more important than the ride, especially when traveling to the town he shares a special connection with.

What started as an idea 8 years ago finally turned into a reality today when Ron pulled into the town that shares his last name. It's a trip that has added meaning to his life.

"It's more emotional than I thought. I think everybody looks for something selfless to do in their life and this was my opportunity," says Ron.

People in Milbank are applauding his dedication to the 1,700 mile adventure. Many think of it as a feat in itself that someone wants to endure the hot weather and any other issues that may come up on a road trip that long.

It wasn't just about a fun journey for Ron. He made this trip to raise money for the Milbank High School Endowment Fund. The goal of the program is to continue raising money to put back programs the school has lost. Last time Ron checked the amount he's raised, he was at $450 and wants to see more added.

Ron's journey to Milbank is hitting home for those involved with the fund.

"Anything to give us that kind of exposure and every dollar that we make is critical," explains Marylynne Fields, the founder of the endowment fund.

While the name Milbank may have sparked this seemingly random fundraiser, the community has fully come behind Ron's journey since the beginning. Ron knows that he couldn't have asked for better support from people he's only met online and through the phone.

Ron plans on spending two days in town, so if you see him around make sure to stop and say hello. This isn't his last time in Milbank, though. He plans on bringing his wife up next time to show her around.

If you want to check out Ron's journey up to the Mount Rushmore State, follow the link to his blog to the right of the article.