New company in Sioux Falls offers different way to buy fireworks

Sioux Falls - Fire Brothers Fireworks allows people to buy fireworks online then pick them up ready and packaged up at the store in Sioux Falls. Their concept is simple. Order, pickup, boom.

The website offers videos of the fireworks being set off that are sold at Fire Brothers Fireworks, so people can see what they will look like before they buy them as well. After people select what fireworks they want, they can pick a scheduled time to pick them up or the company will have them ready in two hours or less.

The owner of the company, Andy Jorgensen, said not to panic if you don't see some of the smaller products like snaps and sparklers because they offer those at the store, so you can always purchase them when you pick up your order. Jorgensen decided to offer a discount on one of the fireworks to all KSFY viewers. They can get $5 off the firework called "Bangin' Hard." Use the code "KSFYfirework" at the checkout.

Click the link in the related links section of this article to explore the website and see how it works yourself.