New food compliments classic favorites at the State Fair

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"We're very happy to be here at the South Dakota State Fair. I believe it is our fifth year here at the South Dakota State Fair," said Brenda Kroge of Midwest Concessions.

Midwest Concessions made the trip from Marshall, Minnesota to Huron for this year's State Fair. The workers love the fair, but they have their favorite reasons.

"You know there's so many fun things to talk about but probably working with the people. The people and the kids," she said.

They have added some new items to the menu this year, to go along with their classics, like corn dogs.

"The deep fried smores, the deep fried bananas, or my favorite, the deep fried oreos they're absolutely wonderful," Kroge said.

Midwest Concessions has no plans of missing the fair any time soon.

"We will hopefully be here for another 30 years," said kroge.

The reason they want people to come out?

"Becase of all the good food. Come out, enjoy the animals, enjoy the rides, but most of all come out on an empty stomach get full, go home, go to bed, come right back for more of that good food," Kroge said