New turkey hatchery will bring new jobs, residents to Beresford

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They are talking turkey in Beresford tonight and for good reasons.

Netherlands-based "Hendirx Genetics" has chosen the community as the location for its newest turkey hatchery.

By this time next year the facility should be up and running; bringing with it 100 new jobs to this growing southeast South Dakota community.

Construction on the turkey hatchery facility begins this month at the site one half-mile north of Beresford.
The company behind it, Hendrix Gentics, is an international entity. Governor Daugaard says landing them here in the state is a feather in South Dakota's economic development cap. "They're in 28 countries all over the world and they chose South Dakota and they chose Beresford to locate a $25 million plant."

It's estimated the construction phase of the project will create 100 jobs.
After that, there will be between 60 and 80 full time employees to operate the plant.
This entire project top to bottom will mean new residents for Beresford and new money being pumped into the local economy. "There will be property taxes paid to the locale, there will be sales taxes paid on new equipment, just a lot of economic activity that drives taxes, drives jobs, and just good for the whole economy in the area."

"We've got plenty of electricity and plenty of water. We're pretty well equipped." Beresford Mayor Jim Fedderson says South Dakota's low unemployment rate may make finding employees a challenge but tells us the city's small town feel and relative closeness to Sioux Falls will be appealing to potential employees and their families. "I think we help people raise their kids because we know who the kids belong to."

And Scott Rowland with Hendrix Genetics says the company knows it has to compete with Sioux Falls' strong economy to draw in new employees but they think it can be done. "With the amount of people going back and forth driving to Sioux Falls everyday looking for work that we think we can give them a competitive wage and an opportunity locally maybe they'll take advantage of that."

While Bereford feels it has a lot of positives right now, Mayor Fedderson says they do have to work on providing more housing options in town.