Noem, Thune and TenHaken take tour of Sioux Falls to assess flood damage

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - It’s been a rough couple of days for people throughout South Dakota as they deal with the aftermaths of this week’s flooding and snow.

Saturday Governor Kristi Noem along with Senator John Thune and Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken met with Sioux Falls residents to see what they could do to help.

KSFY News was with the officials all morning where they made their way through Sioux Falls to see how people were doing after major flooding and now families are out trying to get the water out of their homes.

"It's tremendously encouraging that one of the first calls I got when we knew this was going to be a bigger issue than we anticipated was from the governor who said what do you need we're here we're ready," Sioux Falls Mayor, Paul TenHaken said.

Just a day after Governor Noem toured Yankton and Dakota Dunes she was in Sioux Falls.

Saturday she and other state officials made their way across the city to see just how extensive the damage has been.

"It's very important that I’m out in these communities seeing the kind of damage that was done during this last storm and seeing what we can do to be helpful," South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem said.

She said the number one goal is to keep families safe and then to protect property.

"To me it's really just kind of shocking how quickly water can rise," Noem said.

Megan Stanga was one of the 17 residents in a south Sioux Falls neighborhood that was taken away from her home on an inflatable raft. Governor Noem stopped at her house this morning to see if she could help with anything.

"It smells like gas inside my house and so she was going to have I think public safety come and take a look at it," Sioux Falls resident, Megan Stanga said.

And shortly after she left the fire department came to check everything out.

"The basement is completely flooded, destroyed so we're just in the process of taking everything out and hopefully rebuild down there," Stanga said.

Noem said Sioux Falls was very proactive in making sure they were monitoring water levels and getting people to safety which she said made a difference in the end.

Noem said there has been coordination with the white house to discuss the damage and they're concerned and have been reaching out.