Noem visits Yankton, Dakota Dunes to assess flood damage and prep for more flood waters

DAKOTA DUNES, S.D. (KSFY) - Governor Kristi Noem was on a tour Friday evening walking through parts of Yankton and Dakota Dunes checking out some of the locations that received major flooding. She and others are working together to stay ahead of whatever weather may come next.

Cities like Yankton and Dakota Dunes are preparing for what's to come down the Missouri River after a dam was compromised.

"Before I left Pierre I signed an emergency declaration which will allow us to collect assessments in every single county so that we can ask for federal help," South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem said.

All across the state the weather has hit everyone hard, but now Noem is trying get ahead of the flood waters. The federal government has even reached out to help.

"The white house has reached out multiple times already well aware of what we're going through," Noem said.

Governor Noem was in a Dakota Dunes neighborhood Friday checking out how the city was preparing for those potential flood waters to come through.

Don Lantis is preparing for potential flooding by building a dyke around his home.

"There's nothing we can do about it if the dams bust whatever you know whatever we got to do to get the water out I wish they would've let the water out more during the winter time, but they didn't," Dakota Dunes resident, Don Lantis said.

The last time Dakota Dunes dealt with major flooding was back in 2011. Noem was also part of those efforts to help restore the city.

"Last flood I never seen a community come together as much. They would knock on the door and say do you need help," Lantis said.

And Don Lantis appreciates officials taking the time to come out and tour the area to make sure no more damage is done.

Noem said the flooding is far from over.

What I’m asking is for is local officials to make sure they're requesting from the state what they need in order to be prepared for how water levels, but Noem believes South Dakota is strong and can get through anything that is thrown it's way.

"And we will get through it we've been through hard things before and when people work together help their neighbors help their communities we know that we can go through tough times but we're stronger and that's what makes South Dakota pretty special," Noem said.

Governor Noem will be in Sioux Falls Saturday morning alongside Senator John Thune and Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken to assess areas in Sioux Falls that have been damaged by flooding.