Northeast region deals with winter weather conditions

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ABERDEEN, S.D. There was a little bit of snow later in the morning in Aberdeen, but things didn't really get started until around 1 p.m. One of the big things that Aberdeen area residents have been dealing with all day is icy roads.

The City of Aberdeen tried to help out with the ice-covered roads earlier in the day.

"We don't wanna apply a lot of chemical ahead of time because we'll actually start to build ice with blowing snow and so on. It'll become more of a problem for us so we kinda wait for when we need it," Public Works Director Robin Bobzien said.

Plows from the city haven't gone out yet, but they might have to soon.

"It won't be anything that we would do on an emergency basis, but I think it would just be routine maintenance that we would be doing, so as needed," Bobzien said.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol wants to remind everyone of some safety tips while driving through winter conditions.

"Just remember to slow down, take your time getting there. The plows only run during daytime hours, so you have to remember that they're not always out there, and even when they are out there you have to watch out for them," South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper John Berndt said.

Letting others know of your travel plans can make finding you easier if anything happens.

"When you're leaving, when you plan on being there, things of that nature that way they know when to expect you so if you do have that unfortunate accident, they have an understanding of what time you were supposed to be there and where we can look," Trooper Berndt said.

But there's one important message drivers should be sure to follow.

"Buckle up. If a person is buckled up, they may receive some minor injuries, usually they're pretty insignificant, but if you're not buckled up, we're seeing a lot of fatalities this year because people aren't buckled up," Trooper Berndt said.

Another big message from the Highway Patrol is to make sure you leave cruise control off while driving around. Once you start feeling your car slide around, it can be hard to correct with that on.

They see more crashes happen during winter conditions, especially if there hasn't been a storm for a while. Today, troopers have responded to at least one rollover in the area and issues of vehicles sliding into the ditch.