Northern State University organizes student-led health campaign

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ABERDEEN, S.D. Northern State University students are running their own health campaign called "Fit Like A Wolf." It's the first campaign of its kind at the university designed to unleash your healthiest you.

The campaign started in February with a topic of nutrition basics. Today, students kicked off their second topic on hydration.

"The public needs to be educated on how their body works and what's good for them to do and what's not good for them," NSU Junior Katie Strande said.

The "Fit Like A Wolf" campaign is designed and run by the students with a little bit of help from their instructor Lori Bruns.

"I really wanted to give the students more of a hands-on experience since they are gonna be working with the public in their profession and what better way than putting them into the community," Bruns said. "The community can get educated and they can get the background and the knowledge of working with someone. That's the best of both worlds right there."

Students are really enjoying the chance to get the hands-on feel while working on the campaign.

"I just really like promoting it to the community of Aberdeen and getting a bunch of people involved. It's fun doing something instead of just sitting inside a class. It's fun making an impact," Sophomore Jasmine Schaller said.

The students have to find ways to get the community involved on topics like flexibility, cardio fitness and motivation.

"They each come up with ideas, how to make a flyer, what flyer was the best, the idea on how to do the PSA and we together as a group come up with what's the best one that we should put out there to the community," Bruns said.

In addition to the presentations a group of students gives on the topics, the community has access to a free health assessment.

"We do either an in-body assessment or the bod pod and that will calculate out your fat mass, fat percentage and muscle mass, all kinds of stuff even water weight," Sophomore Grant Farmer said. "We'll take that and compare it once you come back in to see just how much you've lost, what your gains have been, your losses."

Physical health isn't the only focus of the campaign.

"The important thing is that people need to understand that mental health is very important for a long-term lifestyle and you can do that through a physical lifestyle," Senior Travis Folmer said.

The students just want to make sure that anyone who comes in for a health assessment or presentation stay motivated and become healthier.

"It's good to also challenge yourself and see what you can actually do," Folmer said. "Sometimes you can surprise yourself."

If you want to find out more information on the "Fit Like A Wolf" Campaign, visit the link to the right of the article. To schedule a health assessment, you can message the Facebook page and a student will get back to you to set up a time.