'Operation Dry Water' saturation patrols wrap up Sunday

(KSFY) - If you were out on the water recently in South Dakota, you may have noticed Game, Fish and Parks officials doing sobriety checks.

It was part of Operation Dry Water, a nation-wide effort to stop drinking and boating.

Conservation officers were conducting saturation patrols at several lakes across the state, conducting checks at boat ramps and doing patrols out on the lake.

KSFY checked in with officers at Lake Vermillion.

Officers said they do not think South Dakota has a huge problem with people drinking and boating, but they want to make sure people stay safe since they expect a larger number of vacationers enjoying area lakes to celebrate an early Independence Day.

"The main thing that we are looking for on Operation Dry Water weekend is safety equipment, and also alcohol in the boats and if they are intoxicated boating," Jeremy Roe, district conservation officer supervisor, said.

It is not against the law to have alcohol on the boat.

A person would have to have a blood alcohol level above .08 to get a Boating Under the Influence ticket.

Operation Dry Water was a three-day event that wrapped up Sunday.