Operation Gratitude gives Aberdeen Marine 2 Super Bowl tickets

Minneapolis (KSFY) The Philadelphia Eagles took home their first Super Bowl win in Minneapolis Sunday night, a game two Aberdeen natives got to see in person thanks to Operation Gratitude.

Operation gratitude is an organization that gives care packages to people who serve. Hayden Grote, a marine from Aberdeen, received the non-profit's two millionth package that had two tickets to the Super Bowl.

"I was shocked, honestly I have never won something like that before. I think I won a Gatorade in high school once, but other than that I was very honored and very humbled to receive something like that," Grote said.

Hayden was just deployed in the Pacific near Guam and Australia. He is stationed in California right now. Operation Gratitude flew him, and his dad from Aberdeen to the Twin Cities and put the two up in a hotel downtown.

"It's very humbling that there are groups out there, that are willing to give like that to soldiers," Mark said.

Hayden will deploy again later in this year.