PAve Bar in Downtown Sioux Falls opens Friday

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - PAve Bar in Downtown Sioux Falls on Phillips Avenue will open Friday. PAve was named after Phillips Avenue since it is located on Phillips and 10th Street. PAve is located where Skelly's used to be. Hultgren Construction shut down Skelly's and left only part of it open to advertise for PAve. The small part that they left open and Copper Lounge located next to it will now become Lewis Drug.

The new bar will have three different levels to enjoy. The first is Factory Avenue, which can seat between 200-250 people. Their happy hour will be Monday through Friday from 1:00 PM until 7:00 PM. All drinks except top shelf and specialty drinks will be half off.

The second level which has an LED lite bar top is called Roxbury Avenue. This level will have live bands and a DJ for people to enjoy. All of the metal work in the bar is handmade.

The third level is Alley Avenue, which will be open some time next year. When it is completed at a later date, it will be an outdoor rooftop patio area that will have fire pits, benches and couches. The bar has tried to make it a different experience on each level so people looking for any nightlife experience can enjoy PAve.