'Pippin' debuts in Sioux Falls Wednesday

A show nearly a year in the making has arrived in Sioux Falls ahead of its four-day, five-show stop at the Washington Pavilion.

It's the Tony Award-Winning Broadway revival tour of 'Pippin'. KSFY caught up with John Rubinstein who plays the role of King Charlemagne four decades after he created the title role of 'Pippin' during its first-ever tour in the 1960's. Many years and five children later, he's thrilled to be back on stage.

"It's like returning to your childhood home. They've re-decorated it with a new family living there with you. The kitchen is all new. Things work that didn't used to work. Other things are gone that you wish are still there. You miss them. It's still your old place. There's a wonderful, happy feeling you get every single night when that music starts up," Tony Award-Winning actor John Rubinstein said.

'Pippin' debuts at 7:30, Wednesday night, and continues through Saturday.