Panel advances out-of-state disclaimer for initiative ads

Source: MGN

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - A South Dakota House panel has approved a bill that would require ballot measure campaigns that accept money from outside South Dakota to put a disclaimer on their advertisements.

The House State Affairs Committee voted Tuesday to advance the bill to the chamber's floor. Republican Rep. Greg Jamison, the sponsor, says the purpose is to help inform voters.

Campaigns that accept funds from outside the state would have to include the disclaimer on communications such as brochures, billboards and broadcast advertisements. It would read: "Paid for in-part with out-of-state money."

The secretary of state would impose a civil penalty if campaigns failed to provide the disclaimer.

The bill is among proposals lawmakers are considering on out-of-state influence in ballot measure campaigns. A different plan would cap contributions from outside of South Dakota for ballot measures.

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