Parker art studio hosts grand opening March 3

PARKER, S.D. (KSFY) - Wild Goat Design owner Terra Cypher has found her place painting positive messages on globes in Parker.

"I kind of have been referred to a couple times as the globe lady. People might not remember my name or my business, but they will remember the globes," she said.

Many of the globes are customized.

"I will usually letter them or add a few different details to it, or I will paint the entire globe," she said.

Terra has always been artistic, but she says the globes are something she just made for a gift, but now have really taken off.

"I used to go to different stores in Sioux Falls, but they couldn't keep up with my demand," she said.

Now, she buys in bulk, and has her very own storefront. Her grand opening is March 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

She says there will be giveaways and cupcakes. Inside her doors you will find some already painted globes, woodworking, prints and more. She will also use her store as her studio and work space.

If you would like a globe, check out the store in Parker.

"I think they are just unique. You see a lot of wall decor that is two dimensional and flat. When it is three-dimensional, I think it's unexpected, and people are drawn to it," she said.

You can also check out Wild Goat Design's Facebook page at the attached link.