Pavilion Spotlight: New 'Big' Piano at the Kirby Science Discovery Center

It's a revolutionary musical instrument that merges music, dance, and play. Not to mention, it's one of the largest of its kind in the world.

It replaced the old piano in December 2015 and is bigger and better than before. It's now ready for guests of all ages, sizes and abilities to see - and play - at the Washington Pavilion's Kirby Science Discovery Center.

"It is the biggest large piano that folks can walk on. It's six-octaves and, in fact, made by the same artist who made the piano for the movie 'Big'," Kirby Science Discovery Center Director Erica Lacey said. "It's larger and ADA accessible for the little ones and people of all ages."

KSFY's own Shawn Cable stopped by to test it out.