People line up to buy Mega Millions tickets

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"I bought one the other day and then I bought another one today and then I bought a Powerball today too," said Darlene Young.

Mega Millions frenzy spreads nationwide with people thinking of what they would do with the money.

"Probably pay off all of our debts, maybe buy a new house," said Mega Millions player Joey Phillips.

"I've got some kids that could use some," said Darlene Young, Mega Millions player.

People line up at Cowboy Country Store number two in Watertown because of the stores track record with winners.

"The Watertown 34 jackpot was in 2003, and we've sold several other bigger winnings," said Jennie Bitz, Assistant Manager of Cowboy Country Store.

Jennie Bitz has been working at the Cowboy Country Store for ten years. She has seen many of those big winnings sold at this store, but nothing quite like this.

"We've seen it since this went up to almost a billion dollars, we've seen customers from six in the morning until we stop selling them at ten o'clock at night," said Bitz.

For some people, they're just hoping to get a piece of the pie.

"We're hoping we can win something, I'm not sure about the whole amount," said Phillips.

For the employees at the store, they aren't quite sure what to expect if there is no winner tonight.

"I can't imagine. If it doesn't go out tonight it's just going to be crazy, crazy, crazy because people are just coming in everywhere," Bitz said.

The employees at the store love to see their returning customers who purchase tickets regardless of the jackpot size, but they fully embrace every new face that has come through the doors.