People rally for the 'Lights for Liberty' vigil

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Groups of people from Sioux Falls, Yankton, and Aberdeen are rallying tonight to shine a light on the conditions inside human detention camps near the United States southern border.

They want to change the way people in the camps are being treated.

The Lights for Liberty Vigil is now in it's second year. Organizers hope this year's rallies are just as powerful as last years.

"The speeches were unbelievable, very heartwarming, brought me to tears. Give me a moment," Leslie McLaughlin, the Co-Organizer in Aberdeen said.

The vigil was created as a way for people from various communities to show compassion for the families living in detention camps near the U.S., Mexico border.

"As a person who lives in this area, so far away that you kind of feel helpless to be able to do anything at all, this was a way that we could maybe do something," McLaughlin said.

Leslie McLaughlin is the Co-Organizer for the demonstration in Aberdeen, being a mother, this cause means a lot to her.

"How does one think it's okay to use children as a political pawn," McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin and other people passionate about the topic will line up along Sixth Avenue holding signs, hoping to open peoples eyes to their viewpoint.

"I want people to more understand what we are doing, and what we are for,"

"The more people that speak out about this, the more we can actually make an impact, and a difference,"

For McLaughlin, she hopes this rally helps bring change, but there is one thing she hopes doesn't happen.

"Hopefully we won't be doing this again in a year," McLaughlin said.

This is the second year the demonstration has been put on display in Aberdeen, organizers are hoping there won't be a third year.