Pet of the Week: Honey

Hi, my name is Honey! I came to the shelter as a stray and then spent some time in foster care to socialize. When I was a stray, I hung around a family's house that had a small dog, and the dog and I got along well. Since being in the feline friends room at the shelter, I am seeming to get along fine with other cats.

If you have a pet at home, please introduce us properly and understand that it may take time for us to feel comfortable with each other. I am very friendly and enjoy exploring. I don't like to be picked up most the time; I will come to you when I want attention. I will rub up against your leg and sit on your lap. Sometimes I might climb up to your shoulder as well.

I should do fine around kids of all ages, as long as they know to give me my space and not pick me up when I'm not in the mood. Thanks to a generous donation I am now spayed! I am also microchipped, frontlined, tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV, and started on my vaccinations.