Pheasant season is here for South Dakota residents

Sioux Falls, S.D. (KSFY) -- For those living in South Dakota, the pheasant season is here, with the resident-only pheasant opener kicking off on Saturday and running through Monday.
The daily limit is three rosters, and the possession limit is nine for residential permits, and shooting hours are noon to sunset.
To hunt, you need a small game, combination, junior combination, youth small game, or 1-day small game license.
A small game license costs $33 for residents and $121 for out of state hunters. The 1-day small game license is $12 for everyone, and a combination license is $55.
The youth small game license is $5 ($10 for out of state hunters), and the junior combination is $27 for everyone.
The traditional season starts Oct. 19 and runs through Jan. 5.

For more information, got to the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks website here.