Photo criticizing a Sioux Falls school lunch goes viral

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A Sioux Falls mom took to social media criticizing the lunch she was served at ‘Grandparents Day’ at Robert Frost Elementary.

The image has been shared nearly 15,000 times since Tuesday.
The picture shows a green banana and what the mother who posted it calls ‘small’ portion sizes.

The Sioux Falls School District officials say they can't defend everything that’s in this picture.

The Sioux Falls School District serves up more than 15,000 lunches every day.
This is a picture of the lunch served at Robert Frost Elementary Tuesday.

“My initial reaction was what is this? They are serving this to the kids,” Mandy Berkhof said.

Tuesday Berkhof ate lunch with her daughter.
The banana wasn't ripe yet and she thought the portions seemed small.

“And then the chicken was gristly. We tried it all and it was not appetizing at all,” she said.

So, she took to social media to share her experience.

“Initially I posted it just to get like hey what, who can I contact or who can I talk to about this, that I’m not happy,” she said.

The number of likes and shares show it provided some serious food for thought.

“To see it blow up like it did actually inspired me to push to get solutions to the problem rather than just complain about it,” Berkhof said.

“I have had a lot of school lunches in my life. So, have I ever eaten anything like that? I bet I have. I wouldn't eat that green banana though,” Superintendent Brian Maher said.

Maher isn't defending the fruit on the plate.

“We served a green banana, and we served a lot of green bananas yesterday, and there's no excuse for that,” Maher said.

But he can't tell from the picture if the portion was incorrect.

“Was that a little light? I really don't know that,” he said.

He says food quality is a priority.
There are several procedures in places and a vender committee that reviews school lunch menus.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, and even more likes, he hopes people don't rush to judgement.

“If you are going to judge our food service program by the picture you saw yesterday you got an incomplete data set,” he said.

Superintendent Maher says after the district became aware of the post they reviewed processes they have in place to ensure high quality food is served to students.
At this point no policies have been changed.

Berkhof says she wants to work with school board members to find a solution.