Instagrammers get the chance to display work in Downtown Sioux Falls

DOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - An Instagram account called Photo Cred SF is dedicated to showing off photos of Downtown Sioux Falls from various accounts. Photo Cred SF reposts photos from other accounts that use #DTSF or #PhotoCredSF when posting a photo. The accounts can be from professional photographers or amateur photographers.

A team of organizers, who came up with this idea, picks several photos to put on display in the window of the Shriver Square building. The first round has eight photos on display from various accounts, including a senior in high school. The displays will get rotated out. Every display will be up for at least two weeks. The Shriver Square building is at the corner of 11th Street and Phillips Avenue.

You can use #DTSF or #PhotoCredSF on Instagram to possibly get your work on display. The goal of this project is to show off Downtown Sioux Falls in a unique way from various perspectives. So the photos need to be taken somewhere in Downtown Sioux Falls.

The Instagrammers get to keep the photos on display after they get changed out. Since this is all free, Minuteman Press has pitched in to help print the photos at no cost. DTSF, Inc. and Main St. Media House have also helped make this display possible.