Players mean more than basketball for NSU coach

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National Mentoring Month is held every January since 2002, as a way to shine a light on those who mean so much to the future of young people.

At NSU, coaches are there for their student-athletes in so many ways. Off the court, NSU Women's Basketball Coach Paula Krueger thrives on being there for her players.

"I'm a relationship kind of person and so I think the way that I maybe mentor, or that I build is, how I spend my time with my kids," said Coach Kreuger.

"What she does and what so many other coaches that I've had have done, it goes way beyond the court," Brianna Kusler, NSU Junior Guard.

Krueger takes time everyday to meet with her players on a personal level off the court.

"I know that Coach Krueger cares for us on more than just a basketball level and she cares for us as people in our real lives," said Jessi Marti, NSU Senior Guard

"She's got her serious moments but she also knows how to bring a lighthearted mood into it and make it fun," said Lexi Wadsworth, NSU Freshman Forward.

Players tell KSFY that Coach Krueger has been there during the tough times. She helped ensure Jessi Marti has had the strength to fight through several injuries.

"Coach Krueger has been the person pick me up and take me to every doctors appointment that I've had out here," said Marti.

Coach Krueger has no plans of changing. Her players come first before the game.

"I want to be a part of their lives when this is over, and anything that I can do during the time that I have them to help them figure out those pieces, I feel like that's maybe a bigger part of my job than any types of x's and o's," Coach Krueger said.

Coach Krueger looks forward to guiding her young players as they grow.