Police say suspect's parents tried to cover-up crime

Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Falls police issued four more arrest warrants Friday related to Wednesday’s fatal crash on Western Avenue.

The court documents show the crash was the result of a drug deal gone wrong and everyone arrested Friday either played a role in the crash, the drugs or the attempted cover-up.

“The warrants for Vicki and Joseph, they are the parents of the driver involved in the incident,” Lt. Mike Colwill said. “We believe they continued to provide false information to us and also tampered with evidence in the vehicle involved in the incident.”

The parents of Alexander Lingor, the 16-year-old driver facing murder charges in this case, are now in jail for allegedly helping to cover up the crime.

Court documents show that a statement from Anthony Moran, the 18-year-old passenger in the SUV who is also facing multiple charges, revealed Lingor’s parents lied to police. Moran told police that after he and Lingor admitted they were involved in the drug deal that caused a fatal crash, both of Lingor's parents started working to repair the damage to the vehicle.

Police say on the day of the accident, both parents lied to the authorities; when asked why they lied the next day, the parents said they were trying to keep the kids involved out of trouble.

“The big focus to me is that you're talking about multiple kids whose lives are changed forever,” Sioux Falls father Jeff Dougherty said. “Obviously one is never coming back and probably at least another one or two that are going to be changed dramatically who are going to have to serve time for this.”

Dougherty was the junior football coach for the victim, 15-year-old Kareem Cisse.

“He also went to school with my son Robert at Harvey Dunn, also middle school at Patrick Henry and also at Washington,” Doughterty said.

Dougherty says it has been a difficult week for Washington High School students like his son who knew the victim as well as other teen who knew the suspects.

“All young kids kind of thing they're invincible,” Doughterty said. “I think it really hits home when you know the people involved and you realize there's not going to be a tomorrow for this person.”

Even during the snow, cold and blizzard conditions, dozens of the victim’s friends and family members have come out to the crash site this week, leaving flowers, candles and balloons in Cisse’s memory.

Friday, police also arrested Christian Walberg, 18, a third passenger from the SUV. They also arrested Nyounkpao Kyne, 18, the driver of the wrecked car who is facing vehicular homicide, manslaughter and DWI charges.