Political analyst not surprised by midterm election results locally and nationally

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - David Wiltse is an assistant professor of political science at South Dakota State University. He said everything that came out of Tuesday was pretty much to be expected.

Nationally, democrats have taken over control of the U.S. House of Representatives while the republicans kept control of the Senate. Wiltse said the impact of this is that people shouldn't expect anything big on the legislative agenda to get done right now because of the divide. Since the democrats have control in the House, there could be some investigations into the Trump Administration. Don't expect an impeachment though.

Locally, one thing that is a big deal is the fact that Kristi Noem will be the first female governor of South Dakota. Wiltse said she is part of the bigger picture that more women are taking office as a result of the midterm election.

Even though South Dakota is typically a red state, this gubernatorial race was so close because Billie Sutton was so personable. He was very close on certain issues to Noem as well.