USF helping students understand poverty

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - As students gathered in USF's gymnasium, they began debating how they would complete their daily obligations such as paying bills, getting to work, and taking care of the kids. They are errands we can often do without a second thought, but for USF freshman Brenna Stevens, she was given the role of a partially paralyzed grandmother.

"I'm not useless, but if anything needs to be done like transportation wise, I'm better off just sitting here," Stevens said.

She sat back while other members of her group went out to accomplish the goals required to get through the day. The simulation presented a variety of difficulties to each student, but organizers like Emily Glatt said the overall goal of exposing students to a life in poverty was the main focus.

"It's a simulation, but it's not a game," Glatt said. "We are actually taking real families that are known to us, and making ends meet for a typical month."

Despite students scrambling to accomplish all these goals during the exercise, Glatt thinks this was only a small sample of what less fortunate community members deal with.