Pro-life group gathers in Sioux Falls for '40 Days for Life'

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - It was all about taking a stand against abortion at a Sioux Falls church Sunday.

A group gathered at Sioux Falls First on the west side of the city to support 40 Days for Life, a worldwide pro-life effort.

Speakers at the event said the pro-life movement is about more than just abortion. They work to honor the elderly, abolish the death penalty and promote the freedom to worship.

"It's a time of prayer, to pray for an end to abortion," speaker Leah Anderson. "I support it because I have been through abortion, so I know how it affects women and families in general."

The plan was to gather in front of Planned Parenthood and pray, but because of the cold, everything was kept indoors.