Project Nice and Keep begins in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The city's annual effort to collect unwanted items is underway this week in two chosen neighborhoods. It's called Project Nice and Keep.

Each year the Sioux Falls Health Department receives more than 1,800 calls from citizens about environmental issues in various parts of the city prompting them to give a helping hand.

"Oh, it's a big help!" Homeowner, David Jensen said.

People in the Leaders and Lower Hill Top area of Sioux Falls are throwing items to the curb this week and city crews are hauling them away for free.

"We will take almost anything that you can take to the curb. The items that we won't take are hazardous waste, vehicles, garbage and electronics," Project Nice and Keep Administrator, LuAnn Ford said.

Project Nice and Keep is an annual event usually done in the spring, but due to flooding, this spring, city leaders delayed the project's start date. So this year instead of a spring cleaning this year you can get a fall cleaning.

David Jensen is a homeowner in Sioux Falls. He said this project is really helpful to his community.

"Instead of having to have a trailer or something that you can't go out to the landfill it helps out a lot with just getting the stuff away," Jensen said.

"You know a lifetime of living in your home it's kind of nice to be able to get rid of some things without having to drive all the way out to the landfill for it," Ford said.

Some people could be seen rummaging through items to take home for themselves. Many volunteers braved the pouring rain to haul away the unwanted items that lined the streets for blocks.

"Many of the items that we take are recycled rather than taken straight to the landfill so an item such as mattresses, appliances, and branches those things are all collected separately and then taken for recycling," Ford said.

And if the crews missed something don't worry another crew will be back around to pick it up. Each year neighborhoods are chosen by city officials by conducting an assessment looking at different criteria.

Crews will only be going through each street one time.