Rain, snowmelt cause flash flooding near Brandon

BRANDON, S.D. (KSFY) - As the snow piled-up for most people, other areas dealt with an unexpected flooding.

An area about two miles south of Brandon saw some flooding, but Monday night's flash flood warning extended across the border to Luverne and through the town of Beaver Creek.

Rain and snowmelt have flooded fields, ditches and creeped up over several roads in the area.

Drivers KSFY spoke with said they are getting by the best they can.

"Yes I'm surprised it started flooding so fast and started coming across the roads," Ernest Terry who lives near Brandon said. "I just didn't think it would just take off so fast.Just unusual weather -- we can't think things are going to be perfect all the time."

Flooded roads in the area and others with snowmelt during the day pose a new threat when they re-freeze as the temperatures drop -- especially at night -- so be sure to take it slow.