Raising money using a toilet seat

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Safe Harbor started a unique fundraising campaign called 'Potty with a Purpose.'

"It involves a purple potty touring the community of Aberdeen, and Purple was selected because it's a symbol for domestic violence," said Kelli Schaunaman.

The idea is to raise money for the organization's endowment fund.

“When somebody gets it on their lawn they're asked to go to potty with a purpose dot com to ask for removal services, and our goal right now is to raise enough money so that we can have those funds matched by the South Dakota Community Foundation," said Schaunaman.

There are three ways to donate.

"If you want to get in on the action, and either suggest a friend, or get insurance so it doesn't land on your lawn, you can go to that same URL, and ask for those things as well," Schaunaman said.

Stacy McCurdy donated after one of her co-workers wanted to continue their long time prank battle.

"Stacy has always been one to dish it out so I found a great opportunity to give it back for once, and it felt good to do it for a good cause," Nick Bitter, said.

This organizations, and this particular campaign mean so much to her for various reasons.

"This is just a fun way to donate for such a good cause. The facility is there for victims of all ages, both male and female," Stacy McCurdy said.

Safe Harbor will continue this campaign until the end of the month. This is something they plan to continue doing long into the future.

"Ultimately what we want to use those funds for are to expand the services that Safe Harbor provides for it's victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, so they can really better serve those victims," Schaunaman said.