Realtors expect property values to increase after NSU campus upgrades

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ABERDEEN, S.D. Homeowners near the Northern State University campus are concerned on how future projects will affect their property values. It was a major topic discussed at the community forum last night.

Bob Kiesz lived in a house 2 blocks away from the campus for 32 years and said he never really noticed it. He knows that growth is great for a town, but he can see why some of his other neighbors may have some hesitation.

"The ones who are concerned are the ones that, of course, are the ones right across the street from the new stadium. That would be obviously a little more concern there because the activity and the parking and so forth," Kiesz said.

Realtors expect an increase in property value around campus over time.

"People are going to want to invest in the properties near the college simply for the fact that housing is necessary and you know they're not making any more of it, what's out there is there," Jency Agency Owner and Broker Melanie Bobby said.

Properties around campus can be used in multiple ways, like rentals to college students or professors or any other college staff.

Older properties may need a little makeover to keep up with the increasing value.

"Making sure your smoke alarms are up to date, your windows can open and close, make sure your septic system is gassing properly out," Bobby said.

An up-to-date kitchen and bathroom are also upgrades these properties should have to keep up with rising property values.

Overall, many residents expect NSU to be a good neighbor.

"I'm sure they'll clean up after themselves and so forth. No doubt there's going to be times when there's heavier traffic there, but there aren't that many occasions. When you figure 365 days a year there's going to be a small portion of days that it would be in heavy use," Kiesz said.

NSU officials will continue to take questions and concerns about the new projects. You can find that information at the link to the right of the article.