Recycling company no longer accepting plastic bags

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SIOUX FALLS, SD Recycling has become an important part of alleviating a global environmental burden. While it is still possible for Sioux Falls residents to do their part, the absence of a familiar service will be notable. Sioux Falls based Millennium Recycling no longer accepts plastic bags effective immediately. The decision is attributed to a weaker market, and the cost of labor to efficiently recycle those bags getting too expensive. the company’s director of outreach and communications said.

“Not only is it very labor intensive, plastic bags were the only item we accepted that we actually had to pull out by hand,” Millennium Director of Communications Marissa Begley said.

If crews do not do this tedious chore, it would only lead to more problems by getting stuck in equipment and adding to an already large pile of work requiring attention.

Sioux Falls’ sustainability coordinator Jessica Sexe says it is time for us to consistently incorporate re-useable bags during our grocery shopping excursions If you do have a lot of bags that you were preparing to recycle, there are still a few options you could try before throwing them into the trash. A handful of retail stores collect them separately at their locations and there is a link for locations within the Sioux Falls area next to this article.

If some of your materials do not qualify for that, there are a few do it yourself projects to utilize that will help make your life a little easier and even help out people within your community. Some of those ideas were provided by Butterfly House Aquarium staff and are highlighted on this article’s image.