Redfield School District enters phase two of construction project

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REDFIELD, S.D. (KSFY) - The Redfield School District is in the middle of a two-year construction project. It is replacing many of its old buildings, some that date back to 1917.

"The school had done a nice job of keeping them up, but with old buildings you have to continue the upkeep on those buildings," Superintendent Shad Storley said.

Phase one is officially complete.

"This past school year was phase one of our construction and we built during that time the middle school/high school building," Storley said.

Staff members are thrilled with what has been done.

"Coming over here, to have things on one level, bright shiny windows, lots of light, has been huge," said Tracy Schutte, a teacher in the elementary school who used to work in the basement of one of the old buildings.

But the work is not over.

"Now we are moving on to phase two, which included the demolition of the old buildings," Storley said.

In addition to tearing down those old buildings, crews are also building a new elementary school.

"We're trying to get the foundation, walls, and the roofs on before the snow flies, October of 2019 is the finish date," Storley said.

There will be many impressive features to the new schools that were not in the old buildings.

"I am excited that this school will be accessible for all students regardless of abilities, they'll be able to maneuver and get around our school," Schutte said.