Remaining Custer State Park burros in stable condition

(Custer State Park Burros photo by Mailseth - Creative Commons)

CUSTER, S.D. (KSFY) - Custer State Park says its six remaining burros have reached a milestone in their recovery process after living through the Legion Lake Fire back in December.

A veterinarian has officially labeled them all in stable condition, increasing their chances of overall survival.

Park officials said the burros' next milestone will be to complete their burn recovery treatment. Three should complete the treatment in the next two weeks.

The burros will remain in an enclosed off-site facility until their treatment is complete and the weather becomes consistently warmer.

Veterinarians humanely put down two burros last month after determining they would not recover from internal and external injuries from the fire.

Officials said the Legion Lake Fire started on December 11 and was caused by a downed power line. It burned more than 53,000 acres, making it the third largest wildfire in Black Hills history.