Renewed push for city to adopt official Sioux Falls flag

After a slow start in 2014, and now a new Mayor, there's a renewed push to have the city of Sioux Falls officially adopt a new flag.

Back in 2014, an expert in the flag businesses visited Sioux Falls and said the city was one of very few of its size without a flag of its own.

"That seemed to be a big hole in the resume for such a forward thinking city like Sioux Falls," 605 Magazine Director of Sales and Marketing John Snyder said.

Snyder says the design is everywhere, calling it 'the people's flag', after it won a flag design contest in 2014.

"There's a really good push behind it again with our new mayor. We're excited that having a guy that really gets marketing will help us push this over the edge from the 2014 beginning," Snyder said.

The Committee to Establish a Suitable Flying Banner for the City of Sioux Falls is ready to take this proposal to the City Council, Tuesday afternoon.

"We're moving quickly on this because we want this to happen," he said.

The committee and supporters will address councilors with a big message.

"The committee will pay to fly it in front of all city buildings. Won't be a cost to the taxpayers," Snyder said. "We've worked with the original artist. He's released the copyrights into the creative common space. Not only does he not hold any original copyrights, he's released them for everyone to use. The city, local businesses."

They're all very optimistic about making it official.

"Even if there was a cost, the marketing potential will hugely outweigh that. It could be a hugely positive thing from a marketing standpoint but also a city/unity standpoint for the city of Sioux Falls," Snyder said.

The informational meeting is Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. at Carnegie Town Hall. If things are approved, the council could vote on it during their regular Tuesday night meeting as early as next week.