SFFR dedicates new Children's Fire Safety House

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Sioux Falls Fire Rescue celebrated 30 years of service to the community Wednesday by dedicating its new Children's Fire Safety House.

Since October of 1988, the Fire House Program has helped teach tens of thousands of children what to do in case of a fire in their homes.

"When the children get into the Fire Safety House, we have a simulated bedroom in there, and we take a group of children in there, put some theatrical smoke into the room so they can see what it's like to see in low visibility conditions, and then the smoke alarm operates, and they can know what that smoke alarm sound is, and then they practice going to the door, sometimes they go out the door, sometimes out the window -- having two ways out of their bedroom," fire inspector Barry Maag said.

The Fire Safety House Program primarily focuses on 3rd graders in the Sioux Falls School District.