Safety is something spring breakers should think about

Here are some simple tips when you are heading off on a spring break vacation:

Alexander Khimushin / CC BY-SA 3.0 / MGN

-Travel in Groups
-Contact your bank/credit card provider to let them you are traveling
-When in an unfamiliar place (restaurant, hotel, etc.), identify exits
-Know the route or have transportation plans for your return to your accommodations/hotel
-Identify who is there to help (security, law enforcement, staff members)
-Know your surroundings, be alert
-Keep your personal items close by, keep anything else in a secure location
-Have a plan
-Create a travel schedule and learn different routes
-Take a back-up map in case your phone dies
-Communicate your plan to someone not traveling with you. In case of an emergency, this person will know your whereabouts and how to reach you.
-Drink bottled water to avoid illness. Local water quality and treatment processes vary.