Sanford Health expands services in seven countries

Sanford Health is going global, taking its hospital systems to even more countries around the world.

From clinics to research centers and new collaborations, the health care giant wants to continue its mission of health and healing.

KSFY News was there when healthcare leaders from around the world put their pens to paper, committing to new partnerships with Sanford.

Those partnerships expand Sanford in New Zealand, Ireland, Vietnam, South Africa, Ghana, China and Costa Rica.

"There are so many things to do and a lot to learn. By teaming up with the experience of Sanford Health, this will make our life much easier and we'll be able to run a bit faster," Hospital Metropolitano President Francis Durman said

The Sanford World Clinics Initiative started in 2007 with $400 million from Denny Sanford.

" Sanford World Clinics started with the idea that everyone has the right to receive quality health care close to home," Sanford Health CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft said.

Hoping to find three-to-five new partners per year, Sanford seeks to expand its reach, its brand and improve health around the world.

"We want these to be sustaining and long-lasting so we want partners we can grow with. Once we meet a partner in a country, and know it's a right fit, we then work to find what the project will be," Dr. Dan Blue said.

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