Scavenger hunt promoting state park history

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MINNEHAHA COUNTY, SD South Dakota's state park system hits a big milestone this year.

For over a century, these natural features have provided people with a way to get closer to nature.
Despite the tricky weather, the warmer seasons will offer a unique way to mark this anniversary, and provide us a chance to use our detective skills.
29 state parks have five markers in hard to find locations, but if you can find them you're in for some one of a kind prizes.
It's a win-win situation for park visitors as long as the weather acts like spring and not winter.

When you enter one of the 29 state parks partaking, that's where the mystery begins with the 100th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt, but you have to tell park officials that you are up for the challenge. Take a selfie by those markers, email them to a special address, and you qualify to win some special prizes.

Supervisors say the clues should lead you to relatively easy places to walk, but you will have to use a keen eye to find the markers.

So far, this little adventure has generated more traffic at the parks which some could argue is a bittersweet thing.

"I think it's a great idea to promote the parks, although I do like having it to myself when nobody is here," Palisades park visitor Ali Borovik laughingly mentioned.

You can stop by the park entrances to get your clues, and get registered, or you can do it online by clicking on the nearby link.