Senator Thune speaks to Congress about trade agreements

South Dakota Senator John Thune went before Congress to speak on trade and America's farmers Thursday in Washington.

The senator focused on the importance of the U.S., Mexico, Canada Trade Agreement, saying it will boost every sector of the economy if passed. The countries have come to an agreement on trade, but Congress still needs to approve the deal.

Thune says when passed, the agreement will create 176,000 new jobs and increase wages for workers.

He also stressed how important the deal is to South Dakota.

"In my home state of South Dakota, Mexico and Canada are the number-one and number-two customers for our agriculture exports," Thune said. "Maintaining and expanding South Dakota farmers' access to these markets is critical. I'm particularly pleased with the improvements the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement makes for U.S. dairy producers. Dairy is an important and rapidly growing industry in South Dakota."

Along with dairy, Senator Thune went on to mention the agreement will make improvements for poultry, egg and wheat producers.