Several traffic signals run on generators in Sioux Falls during April storm

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - There are about 300 intersections with traffic signals in the city of Sioux Falls. Several went out earlier Thursday because of power outages in the area.

Major intersections have backup batteries to keep them running. But if they don't have that, crews have to go hook the signals up to generators. Most of the outages in Sioux Falls were on Cliff Avenue, 60th Street and East 41st Street.

"Ice brings a different element to everything, so when we have an outage, usually it's in a concentrated area, so we can go and nail those out real quick. But with this, we had outages throughout the town because of the ice," Jerry Jongeling said, who is the light, power, and traffic superintendent for Sioux Falls.

So he said it took a little longer for crews to get to all the lights. Crews prepared for this to happen though.

"We had all the generators out. The crews are ready, everything was gased up and we were prepared, just waiting for the phone calls to happen," Jongeling said. "We’re never sure which intersections and what outages happen, where they happen, so we’re ready for anything."

As power gets restored in areas, workers will pack up the generators. If you see a traffic signal out in Sioux Falls, call 211 to report it.