Severance Brewing Co. opening this summer

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Uptown Sioux Falls is going to be bustling with fun things to do this summer and if you're old enough you can experience a brand new one of a kind brewery opening this summer.

Scott Heckel and Mark Stavenger are starting their new adventure in uptown Sioux Falls. They decided it was time to become their own bosses and leave their full-time jobs in corporate America.

"My wife and his were childhood friends and that's how we came to know each other and the opportunity arose where we could use my skillset in brewing and Mark's skillset in coaching a team to try to put that together and create a new business," Severance Brewing Co. CEO, Scott Heckel said.

"I had been at my former job for 10 years and decided it was time for a change so I’ve heard about the dream for probably seven, eight years now," Severance Brewing Co. Tap Room Manager, Mark Stavenger said.

Home brewing started as a passion for Heckel in 2008 when he was gifted a home brewing set by his wife from there his passion grew more.

This has been a dream to bring Severance Brewing to life since 2011.

"And part of what I’ve enjoyed doing as a home brewer is experimenting with different ingredients and those types of things rather than stick to a specific style," Heckel said.

"We have a very different take on beer, different styles we're not doing the traditional styles necessarily so we're going to be a little bit different in that way," Stavenger said.

They're using their location and customer service skills to make Severance Brewing different than any other breweries.

Usually a name makes a brewery unique and theirs is no different.

"It was one of those we’re severing ties from corporate America, severing ties from beer styles and then we're going to tie that into some of our marketing and some of the things that we do as we move forward,” Heckel said.