Shantel Krebs says her experience sets her apart from other U.S. House candidates

(KSFY) - Secretary of State Shantel Krebs wants to take her experiences and bring it to Washington, D.C.

Krebs believes the work President Trump has done has benefited the nation, and she wants to continue to work with the president if she is elected to Congress.

"Clearly, it's life experiences that separates myself from the other candidates," she said.

Krebs is currently the secretary of state and a former member of the South Dakota House of Representatives.

She believes her background sets her apart from the other candidates in the race for Congress.

"I'm the only one in this race that has turned around a failing bureaucratic office, and that's what we did is we walked into a mess four years ago, and we've turned and reformed that and that's what we need in Washington D.C.," she said.

Krebs' platform focuses on three issues, which she believes will benefit South Dakotans.

"First and foremost the number one issue is reforming government," she said. "It is cutting budgets, cutting spending. Second, with our agriculture being our number one industry, you have to have someone that understands the agriculture environment, and number three -- it's representing South Dakota values."

Those South Dakota values she said are what people here need in Washington.

"We're rugged, we're independent-minded individuals, and I want somebody that's going to stand up, and I've been there and understand it," she said. "It's keeping government out of our families and telling us how to raise our children. It's keeping government out of our businesses. It's defending our second amendment. It's defending life. That's what I want to do in Washington, D.C."

Brebs plans on helping small businesses because she knows what it is like to own one.

"I've signed both sides of the paycheck," she said. "I've owned a retail business in downtown Sioux Falls, so I understand the challenges that small businesses owners have experienced and continue to experience."

And she wants to work with manufacturing facilities to find workers.

"We want to help create those apprenticeships programs, President Trump is encouraging that," she said. "And getting people on welfare back to work."

Changing the government is the main reason Krebs decided to run for Congress.

"I am your tested government reformer, and I am going to go to Washington, D.C. and do the same thing for you the taxpayer there," she said.

Krebs is spending the last week of her campaign going door-to-door to hear what the people of South Dakota want.