Sioux Falls Catholic Schools system renamed Bishop O'Gorman

A big change for Sioux Falls Catholic Schools.

28 years ago, Catholic schools formally consolidated into what has been called 'Sioux Falls Catholic Schools'.

Well today an announcement that that name is going by the wayside in lieu of a new name; Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools.

The announcement was made by school district president Kyle Groos. "I'd like to formally announce a name change of our system from Sioux Falls Catholic Schools to Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools."

The announcement was made at O'Gorman Junior High School; a name change for the nearly 30 year old Catholic school system. A rebranding to recognize that students from at least 20 communities attend Catholic schools in Sioux Falls.
Michelle Shields is the principal at St. Mary Elementary. "We know we have a tradition of excellence here in our Catholic school system but to be able to have a name that represents all of us and unites all of us I think its a sign of solidarity."

The school district, like the existing Catholic high school and junior high, wil be named for long time Sioux Falls Bishop Thomas O'Gorman, who was influential in the early 20th century direction of the Sioux Falls Catholic Diocese.

"The O'Gorman family is honored to have our name associated with this level of excellence in Catholic education." Patrick O'Gorman is Bishop O'Gorman's great-great-nephew and tells us they are grateful that his influence and legacy is again being honored in this way. "I was really excited that they're using his name to talk about the whole school system. It made sense to me."

The name change has been in the works for nearly two years now and while administrators say it's a sign of growth for the district...students say they too appreciate what the change means.

Sophia Salter is a student at O'Gorman High School. "To have this name change and to spread a message of inclusivity and bring that Catholic identity to the surrounding area within education is very special."

"Bishop O'Gorman was a good bishop so I think Bishop O'Gorman would be a good name for our Catholic schools." said St. Mary Elementary Student Howard Anderson.

While the name of Catholic school district is changing the names of existing schools in the district will be staying the same.