Sioux Falls Humane Society eclipse video goes viral

SIOUX FALLS (KSFY) - A video posted by the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society making a clever play on the eclipse has garnered Internet fame.

The video was posted to Facebook Monday, the same day as the entire nation took time to track a rare eclipse that could be seen from coast to coast.

The humane society's video was a "simulation" of the eclipse, with two cats crossing path.

Along with the video, the society posted the message "Is it cloudy and you can't see the sky? Were the glasses all sold out? No fears, we made sure we have an exact simulation of what the eclipse would look like. WARNING! You won't go blind from this eclipse, but you might fall in love."

By Tuesday morning, the post had more than 100,000 shares and 35,000 likes on Facebook.