Sioux Falls Police search for suspect in stolen vehicle crash

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Sioux Falls police are searching for a suspect after a pickup truck was stolen and crashed early Friday morning.
A press release from the police department said that around 6:10 AM, police responded to a stolen Ram 3500 pickup, taken from a driveway near Dardanella Dr. and Christopher Ave.
At around 6:44 AM, officers spotted the vehicle being driven near 18th Street and Marion Rd. and began following it.
The vehicle then fled, and officers chose not to pursue.
At 6:55 AM, officers received notice that the truck had crashed into two houses in a neighborhood near 16th Street and Marion Rd.
At the scene, officers found that the driver had failed to negotiate a T-shaped intersection, travelling between two houses, and causing significant damage to garages on both properties.
The suspect fled on foot, and is so far unknown.
There are no known injuries as a result of the incident, and Sioux Falls Fire Rescue responded for structural integrity concerns to both structures.
The investigation continues.